Can't make class?  Let the teacher come to you.

I am available for in-home dog training lessons that suit your schedule.  Rates vary by need and location so please call for a quote - 720-839-5145.  Private tutoring is the service for you if:

  • Your schedule conflicts with group class time.  I know how busy you are!
  • Your dog will not do well in a group.  Maybe he is reactive or shy.  I can help.
  • You prefer one-on-one help for your Denver dog training needs.


An Essential Denver Dog Training Education

The dog behavior training group classes at Happy Tails Dog School are a really fun experience.  You will not only get to hang out with puppies AND dogs of all ages, but you will get a first-class doggy education.  The benefits include:

  • Your dog will learn to focus on you in high levels of distraction, and he will hone his doggy greeting skills as well.  
  • You will receive a good value in group class.  Each class offers a wide-ranging curriculum that will cover all your Denver dog training needs.  
  • My class sizes are appropriate so that I can give you individual guidance when you need it.  I can identify what you need and communicate it to you so that you understand and can apply your newly acquired skills on your own at home.
  • Puppies 6 months and younger get the essential experience of puppy playtime that is structured, managed and safe.  Some older dogs may be allowed to participate in playtime as well.


I don't treat aggression, but I can refer you to other excellent trainers who do.

If you like the philosophies I express on this site, give me a call at 720-839-5145 so that we can discuss your needs and find you some positive reinforcement help.  There are several good Denver canine behaviorists that treat aggression, and there are many trainers that could make your problem worse.   Positive reinforcement methods are highly effective for treating aggression in dogs.  Traditional methods that incorporate punishment and dominance will make your dog's aggression worse so don't risk this type of treatment.  I am well aware of how stressful and scary it can be to own an aggressive dog.  Let me help you find what you need to turn your situation around.




Does your dog go crazy when he sees other dogs?  Does your dog have a really hard time being alone?

Some dogs seem "aggressive," when really they are only reactive.  For example, if your dog goes crazy on his leash when he sees another dog, this is often simply reactivity.  Positive reinforcement Denver dog training will help you tremendously, so give me a call.  (See the story about Lucy on the References page of this site.)  

Many people believe their dog has separation anxiety.  If your dog is misbehaving when you leave, let's work together to figure out if he actually has an anxiety issue or if he is just being a dog and we need to put some good management practices in place to help him succeed.  With a solid treatment plan and some patience, we can come a long way together to make sure your dog is as happy as he can be.