Recommended Pet Sitters

Kelly Coffin

Nan Cutler

Paws of Denver

Hotel Monaco - Denver

My favorite pet-friendly downtown hotel welcomes any number of pets (furred or feathered) without size or weight restrictions and for no extra charge or deposit.

They offer these pet amenities:

  • Food and water bowls and a dog bed placed in your room for use during your stay

  • Plastic pick-up bags and map for great Denver walks

  • Pet exercise area within walking distance

  • Pet-sitting, grooming and walking services can be arranged through our concierge


Canine Rehabilitation & Conditioning Group

Canine Rehabilitation & Conditioning Group (CRCG) leads the industry of animal rehabilitation and our caring team will help your dog or cat to feel stronger, move better and get back into the game of life.  GO CHECK OUT THEIR OPEN DOGGY SWIM TIME!

Patricia McConnell's Blog

Read about my dog training idol weekly

Patricia McConnell, PhD is also a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist and pioneer in the field of positive reinforcement dog training.  Her weekly blog will delight you with its humor and enlightened you about all matters dog every week.  It's a must read for me, and I bet it will be for you once you get hooked!

Denver Dog Training

Resources & Cool Tools

Hob Nob Pet Daycare

We offer dog daycare and hotel, along with dog grooming, self-service wash and dog swimming. We also provide quality dog food and treats, along with high quality leashes, collars and dog beds.
Our day care facility is conveniently open from 7am to 7pm everyday. For our overnight guests, our hotel features raised cots in comfortable, clean private rooms. Large indoor and outdoor play areas and our oversized pool offer ample and entertaining exercise. We take pride in supplying care that is a cut-above anything that has been offered before. If they can't be with you, let us provide your pet with first class service to make that time away safe and comforting!

Nature's Miracle

An absolutely essential tool in house training a dog!  This enzymatic cleaner eliminates all bacterial odor left behind from an accident, and removing this odor is critical to house training success.  I buy the big one with the power sprayer and use it for all my pets' messes (now that they are perfectly house trained, this means vomit, of course).  I simply could not own pets without this fantastic product!


I recommend the ThunderShirt for dogs who have anxiety about thunderstorms, fireworks or other situations that make them nervous.  ThunderShirt's patented design applies a gentle, constant pressure that has a dramatic calming effect for over 80% of dogs.  Bijou developed a mild thunder issue when she got older, and she loves her ThunderShirt.

Boomer Ball

Indestructible Animal Enrichment Toys

I like the one for dogs, of course.  This hard plastic ball can be pawed and batted around the yard and chewed on relentlessly.  Get the model with the hole in it and add pieces of kibble to give your dog an engaging interactive experience.  Work that brain and you will have a tired dog!

The Kong Company

Pet-Safe, Built to Chew Toys

The Classic Kong is an indispensable training tool and a great outlet for puppy chewing.  When stuffed with fantastic goodies, the Kong will occupy a dog for hours, reducing stress or anxiety and providing the dog with an appropriate outlet for his energy.  Check out their full line of amazing products.




Squishy Face Flirt Pole

A brilliant toy to help exercise your dog when you don't have time to walk them.  Keep them enriched, exercised and happy with play with a flirt pole.  An excellent tool for channeling prey drive safely, increasing focus, teaching impulse control and building a connection with your dog through something they love to do!