My husband and I were very wary of dog trainers and different philosophies after utilizing a shock collar on our puppy, Lucy (see below). We heard about Heidi through the grapevine and decided that it would be our final attempt at training our dog. Within minutes, we could see that Lucy responded very well to Heidi and it was a completely different experience for both us and Lucy. Heidi showed us how to train with positive reinforcement and how to build the training from the ground up. We had a few behavioral issues on the leash that I didn't think would ever be resolved, but once we got outside and put the positive reinforcement training in action, Lucy was a like a different dog. Heidi guided us every step of the way and gave follow up tips and tricks between sessions. We can't thank her enough for all the help as our maniac puppy became such a nice little dog. We still use the positive reinforcement on a daily basis with her walks, etcetera, and I'm so happy we had the opportunity to work with Heidi!

AARON & KIMBERLY WITH MILAWe met Heidi and took her basic manners class when Mila was a 4-month old puppy.  While Mila has always been a very sweet and loving dog, Heidi was able to help us teach her multiple new techniques for developing the good behaviors we wanted.  We loved the positive reinforcement approach.  The style of teaching is exactly what excited us about working with Heidi--she is engaging, makes the training fun, and is genuinely enthusiastic about her work.  She is patient with both puppies and puppy parents.  The best example of this was her willingness to stay after class for as long as needed to answer any questions as well as give advice and guidance.  Heidi also made it a point to double back on previous lessons to help polish each technique.  We adore her as both a trainer and a person.  We plan on continuing to work with her for our training needs and have given strong recommendations to both friends and family.  Mila is the focus of our lives and has been an amazing addition to our family...Heidi's training methods and style will help create the same wonderful relationship we have with Mila for any dog owner.  Thank you Heidi!


My wife and I had lost our dog of 11 years recently, and a few months later decided we were just such dog people, we wanted to get a puppy. Well, the sweetheart guy we lost was the best dog ever! He was obedient, could roam free in the house all day without doing anything bad, didn’t jump on people, didn’t chew, etc. Well, we didn’t prepare ourselves for what we were in store for when we got an 8 week old Catahoula puppy, Bailey. She was adorable, but she was UNCONTROLLABLE! There were nights we looked at each other and wondered if she was either deaf, or maybe she was just possessed, as she responded to nothing. She’d hide under tables and bark at us constantly, try to dig at the rugs in the house, wouldn’t respond to her name being called, etc. Then we met Heidi and began working to give Bailey some structure and to troubleshoot her behavior. Bailey took to the training immediately. It turns out that she wanted to be good for us, she just didn’t know how. With a series of classes, Bailey was sitting and laying down on command, and in a matter of weeks, we could tell Bailey to sit and wait, and then we could walk around the house and she wouldn’t move until we released her. We are now working on increasing the distraction level so she will be able to focus and obey in different situations, but it’s been night and day from when we first started. Heidi has a great passion for dogs and truly loves dogs and it shows in how she treats them, but maybe more importantly, it shows in how they respond to her. For your dog training needs, call Heidi and Happy Tails – you won’t be disappointed!

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We brought our wild and rambunctious golden retriever puppy (4 months old at the time) to Heidi in hopes that she could help us with some of the basics that we were struggling with. Our little girl was still puppy biting, would pull on a leash like she was a sled dog, and would struggle to stay focused to a command for any length of time. Heidi was our miracle worker! We were with Heidi in the basic manners puppy classes. She spent so much time with us giving us tips and tricks to help our puppy. There was definitely a marked difference with our puppy between when we started and when we ended classes with Heidi. We were and are so thankful for her! When we were in a class with multiple other dogs and owners, I always felt like I was getting Heidi's undivided attention. She always took the time answer all questions during class and would always explain her answers so we could recreate the training at home. At one point, it was in between training classes and we were struggling with a certain skill with our puppy. I called Heidi to get some help and she spent time on the phone giving me advice to help our dog learn the skill. You can tell that teaching dogs and helping owners have the best, most well behaved dogs is truly her passion and she loves what she does!When I was looking for puppy classes, I wanted one that would love my dog as much as I do, and I felt like this was evident in how Heidi interacted with us, as well as our dog. Compared to other generic dog schools, I feel like she personalizes her classes to you and the needs of your pet and most importantly, I know that I can always call Heidi if I needed assistance with something for our little pup and she would be more than willing to help us out. I would highly recommend Heidi and Happy Tails Dog School for any level of dog training. She's the best!

My husband and I got our first dog for Christmas last year. We were so excited! Since neither of us had raised a puppy before, we decided right away that we needed dog training. We met with a company that offered electronic collar-based training. We really liked the sales pitch and signed up for the biggest package including 4+ private sessions and a year of group class. Our puppy was very small at the time and the collar was large on her little neck. In order to figure which “level” (voltage) we needed to train her on, the trainer experimented with each setting. When our puppy flinched and cried, it was then decided that level was too high. The trainer explained that the collar was “communicating” with the dog and we needed to work with her 3-4 times per day in 15-minute increments. If she didn’t respond to the commands/collar, we were to increase the voltage. Our puppy HATED the collar. She would run away before we put it on and didn’t respond to commands at all. We did as we were told and increased the levels as she stopped obeying our commands. She would hop around as the collar shocked her and cry at the shocks. It was awful to watch. We were unable to make her do “down” with the collar. Once we started coaxing her with treats, she behaved wonderfully! However, we were told that treats were not supposed to be used and she needed to accomplish down without a treat. We went to one of our training sessions, which ended up being our last, at a park with the trainer’s dog to assess our puppy’s progress. Not only did our little dog not make much progress with the collar, but the trainer’s dog had his tail down (completely sucked to his bottom) the entire session. Even when he was released from following commands, his tail remained firmly down. We were horrified! After that, we did not put the collar back on our puppy. 


Heidi has been such an instrumental part in our training with Mya. We had been through a couple of other training programs elsewhere before meeting Heidi, and it wasn't until her instructing that we actually saw FAST & AMAZING results. Heidi really focuses on positive reinforcement, and forming that bond between you and your dog that is necessary for your dog to trust you and listen. Heidi helps you get those fundamental elements necessary to build your relationship with your dog, all while introducing and working up to the commands. As you continue, Heidi helps you solidify the commands and mold your dog into the great companion you want them to be. Heidi not only is an amazing trainer, she truly cares about each individual’s situation in the class and is always there to answer questions, provide you with information, and help you get the most out of your experience. Thank you Heidi for helping us teach Mya to be an amazing part of our family!